Ativeer Publication feel privileged to launch its CBSE Hotspot – An ultimate tool for predicting and getting ready for CBSE Senior Secondary Examination.
CBSE Hotspot has been developed after a lot of research by R & D team of Ativeer Publication. It is a chapterwise completely solved previously asked question bank along with some extra questions  As you go through the question bank you will realize that this question bank is so well arranged that a student can revise all concepts and all topics simply by attempting these questions in the given order. These questions are well sequenced, from easy to tough (step by step) for every topic. Not only this solutions are made in such a way so that concepts can also be made clear and upto the mark for exam writing.

What is the importance of Previous year Papers

They help you understand the examination trend better

There are many same or similar questions being asked every year.

They give you the confidence to perform well.

They will help you in revising the syllabus.

They help you is assessing your preparation in real time.

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The confidence I gained after attempting the previous year questions in the chapterwise sequence made me revise the entire syllabus and helped me to boost up my Board Preparation.
Umang Jain
The Topper Speaks